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Gran Turismo 7 will use almost all the features of the PlayStation 5, which in an interview with Guardian said vice president of PlayStation Europe, Simon Rutter. According to the Hermit Gamer gaming site, there will be virtually no downloads, and a unique 3D sound will help “easily identify both the Ferrari engine behind or in front, and distinguish between Ferrari sound from Maserati.” Another important element will be the use of the DualSense gamepad, whose unique feedback system (point vibration) can transmit the sensation of riding on different surfaces in an unusual way. In addition, the dynamic severity of pulling the trigger will also change the feel of riding - the light gas pedal will be noticeably different from the stiff brake pedal. In the same interview, Rutter said that exclusive games for Sony are still incredibly important - perhaps more important than ever before. The vice president is confident that the PS5 allows developers to easily squeeze high performance, which will attract many to the platform. PlayStation 5 is coming out at the end of the year. At a recent presentation of the system, Sony introduced the design of the device and the first games for it.

“In my art practice, I’m interested in connections made and the trace I leave as I move through space, time and place.” 


My work is ontological in intention and traverses the socially constructed constraints of difference by exploring the ties that bind human beings to each other through culture, kinship, history, social interaction and friendship. 

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