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MIlking Time at the Latex Dairy Farm

Latex, Sculpy, Chain, Rope
Blossom: Painting/Sculpture, School of Art Gallery, Kent State University, Kent, OH (group) - 2002
Milking Time at the Latex Cow Farm resulted from a series of screw-ups and experiments. I was baking some Sculpy for another project, burned it by mistake, and ended up with a bunch of perfectly fabricated cow eyes. So, I needed a head to hold the eyes. I located a rotting head of a cow that had been discarded after the animal had been slaughtered, pulled a plaster death mask complete with hair and stench, poured a plaster positive, and then built-up latex skin heads. Although the piece comments on artificial food fabrication, this is an instance where I found the process far more interesting than the concept.

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