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Pantyhose, Tubing, Motor
Site specific installation
(e)Motion: Kinetic Sculpture, Gallery 138, Kent, OH (group) - 2003
Works, Millworks Gallery, Akron, OH (solo) - 2003
Reaching Stretching Testing limits Physical Sexual Societal Touching Affecting Reverberating Those close acquainted with unknown Parts, yet whole. Parts of a whole. Separate, yet one. One, yet many. Reverberations is an exploration of the stretching of self and sexuality and the impact of behavior on those around us. No matter how small the action, the reaction reverberates through many, both close and far away. The panty hose people represent the extremes to which people can be stretched by the stresses of life, physical, sexually and societally. The periodic reverberation demonstrates how the impact of a single behavior affects many at various levels.

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