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Dr. Carol Cartwright Memorial Sculpture
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In a career distinguished by innovative teaching, pioneering research and national leadership, Dr. Carol A. Cartwright has worked to lay a solid foundation for educational excellence at Kent State University while simultaneously igniting the imagination and passion of those around her. This memorial honors these facets of Cartwright’s legacy.

The foundation of the sculpture is constructed of indigenous rock chosen not only because it represents strength, stability, and endurance but also because its colors – soft oranges, pinks, and purples – highlight the softer side of Carol Cartwright – her thoughtfulness, compassion, and sense of humor. As she is an avid gardener, the sculpture is nestled in this garden surrounded by plants and flowers.

The aluminum and copper flames issuing from the stone are an abstract representation of Cartwright’s burning passion and intelligence and her history of igniting inspiration within those around her. Although she is leaving KSU, her legacy of excellence continues to burn brightly.

Finally, the forged blue and gold metal ribbons that wrap around the flames and rocks represent Kent State, the university that Cartwright led to new heights of excellence and innovation during her more than 145 years as president.

This commemorative sculpture was constructed in 2006 by KSU alumni Carol Hummel and Dylan Collins.

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